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I believe it is imperative that Lewis County have a Constitutional Sheriff's Candidate, someone who understands the true intent and meaning of the law.   I am the right man for this job.  I have a better plan, a plan that follows the rule of law set down in our US and State Constitutions.  The laws are already in place for the protection of our community and our individual, gun, and property rights, just poorly understood or intentionally misconstrued.   I understand the law and will use the law to protect rights, as we the people intended.  Therefore I am asking for your support and your vote.

Why am I the "Right man for the job"?: 

I have no background in politics, nor do I have an extensive background in law enforcement. Some might consider this a drawback, I think this is actually an advantage.  I am beholden to no one but the people.

I have been involved in the freedom movement for many years, frankly, it is why I have decided to run for Sheriff.  I have an excellent and lengthy history with the pro-se community, legal research, and fighting for our Constitutional rights.  We need a Sheriff who follows his oath to the Constitution, knows the intent and meaning of the law, and respects individual inalienable rights.

I have many family members currently serving or retired from military, law enforcement, and public services. I am a Navy veteran myself with several years of service.  I have an intimate understanding of the people who serve us.  I was raised with the view, public service is an honor and a sacred trust.  As Sheriff, I will fulfill my duty and use any and all authority granted me to protect our County AND the INDIVIDUAL rights of our citizens.

I also respect our current Sheriff and his deputies in this County. They have a difficult, dangerous job. In fact, I have had instance to call Sheriff Mansfield to compliment one of his deputies and I met with the Sheriff recently as a liaison, to discuss issues related to community matters.

However, in discussing my decision to run for Lewis County Sheriff among the public, I have found that a great number of people believe the current form of policing in this county tends to ignore many rights and resists adherence to due process.  Citizens I have spoken with are even more concerned about what changes a new Sheriff's administration will mean for the future of Lewis County.  I found a great many people don't feel confident about where where things are going with the Sheriff's office on important issues, especially with respect to the 2nd Amendment.

So let me spell out what I stand for: I care about your individual inherent rights, and I believe they should be protected where the rubber meets the road.  Here is your chance to have a Sheriff who will truly and uncompromisingly stand for those inherent rights.   My policy is to protect and support individual rights as enumerated in the US and WA state Constitutions.

1. I will be a law and order Sheriff.  I am pro rule of law.  NO ONE is above the law.  

2. I support a Constitutional citizens grand jury to weed out and prosecute public corruption. The Sheriff is the keystone in this state to having a Citizens Grand Jury and many other things that seriously effect our freedoms. Sheriff Mansfield has not given his required approval for this rightful jury, nor has any other Washington State Sheriff.  I will consider it a high honor and part of my Constitutional duty to assist in getting the system functioning again!

3. I will NOT allow gun confiscation in this county, period. Any regulation enacted by Bill of Attainder or by executive order in offense of the Constitution shall not be enforced by me or by my deputies, nor will I permit the enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders within the borders of Lewis County.  I refuse to participate, or stand idly by, while our citizens are turned into criminals due to the unconstitutional actions of politicians who would steal rights with color of law rules. 

4. There will be no anti-gun propaganda from the Sheriff's office or Sheriff's “public gun buys” like the current Thurston County Sheriff, right down the street from a pro gun - pro constitution rally.

 My plan? I will supporting firearms training for the public and will employ a strong Sheriffs Posse.   I also encourage legal open carry, it is your right.  I practice what I preach and open carry myself. 

5. I will gladly sign off on legal supressors that have the required extensive ATF checks and conditions complied with, respecting the existing statute. 

6. I will work toward installing cameras on every deputy and in every vehicle they use, the Sheriff too.

There are many examples as to the effectiveness of employing such systems, here is one: 

In 2012, Rialto, CA. required it's police to wear cameras and complaints dropped by 88%.  The police instances of using force dropped 60%! Chief Farrar stated that: “when you put a camera on a police officer they tend to behave a little better, follow the rules a little better”. 
I feel this will benefit and protect both the citizens AND our deputies, saving on lawsuits.

7. As Sheriff I will require a peace officer attitude and discourage any cops vs. the people attitudes.

8. Training on Constitutional duties and constraints for deputies need to be emphasized. Therefore there will be an education program, and a test for current and incoming deputies.

9. I will not authorize any license plate readers currently in use, or slated for future deployment.

10. I do not support the NSA or any other federal or state agency spying on citizens or stealing data.

11. I propose offering school teachers and school staff the option to attend firearms training and certification to carry a concealed weapon to deter any school shootings.  This program is already in effect in a few counties across the nation.   Deputies already assigned to schools should be re-trained on Constitutional principals and re-deployed to give classes on rights and responsibilities in our public schools (much like the DARE program), helping to preserve and protect our community and republic.

12. I do not support warrantless searches and/or arrest, the law requires due process.

13. Please feel free to film our public actions, we will have NOTHING to hide!

14. Yes, Lewis County has more than its share of bad people.  We will not be soft on them. Our deputies do an excellent job already in this regard, and they will continue to do so.

15. I do not support UN agenda 21 mandates or any agenda seeking to take away your personal property rights and limit your access and use of public land. 

16. I will have an open door policy.  I believe transparency is essential to truly serve the public trust.

17.  I will revitalize our Sheriffs Posse, as per the Washington State Constitution. 

The County Sheriff has the responsibility of ensuring that his deputies stand between the citizens and those who would trespass on their individual rights.

That is why I am running for Sheriff, to strike a better balance.   I will work to preserve our community and keep our citizens rights and property protected.


I am Brian Green and I am asking for your support and your vote.

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